Bonfire postponed 😌

Bonfire postponed 😌

Due to COVID19, Harrison County schools are closed for the coming week. In light of that, we are postponing our children’s ministry bonfire for one week.

Lord willing, we plan to hold the bonfire next Sunday, October 11th, and will fill you in with details on time and what you should expect for the schedule.

I know what a challenge the last 7 months have been, parents. Challenges for your and your children’s socialization and spiritual edification. BUT, don’t be downtrodden. Get in some good time over dinner tonight with your family.

Read a passage from 1 Corinthians 12 or 13! Talk about your family’s spiritual gifts individually and then talk about how everyone has the gift of love. And we could all use a little more exercise of that gift at a time like this!

HOPES to see YOU ALL soon!

Pastor, Josh