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Posts by Ken Lake

Safe Return

We arrived home safely this afternoon. Looking forward to an opportunity to share the things that God has done. Remember to continue in prayer for the people of Kenya and the unrest occurring across nation. Pastor Geoffin’s return journey from Nairobi to Magori was problematic as a result of the demonstrations. The return flight he intended to take was fully booked due to people trying to avoid travel on the roads. He caught a bus, which encountered several illegal roadblocks.…

Oriti – (Goodbye)

We have completed the first leg of the trip home. The time in Kenya has flown by. God has been good. Despite protests around the country and unrest among the Gen Z. We have been safe and virtually separated from its effects. The people of Suna Magori have been welcoming and gracious, as have the people in all of the surrounding villages. Geoffin and Jackie have been spectacular hosts caring for our every need. Their family has become dear to…

Beginning Our Return

It was up early to fly out of Magori to Nairobi. We are keeping watch of the demonstrations in Nairobi. Today is supposed to provide a break in the demonstrations, which will resume tomorrow. We will not be close to downtown Nairobi, so should be relatively safe. Prayer is still appreciated.

A Busy Week

Sorry for not posting more frequently. Our second day here, we lost power and Internet for about 24 hours. Internet is only available at the hotel, which we have left before 7 am every morning except yesterday. And with the revival services we returned very late. Last night we arrived at the hotel at midnight. The morning after our arrival we went on a safari. An exciting time! The next day, we visited the church plant in Nyalganda and had…

To Migori

This is our plane for the 40 minute flight to Migori. Met a group of 14 youth & chaperones going Migori to do some humanitarian work. Found out they will return on the same flights we will be on from Migori to New York.

First Day in Nairobi

This morning, I write with a burden and sadness in my heart over events in Nairobi yesterday.  As we traveled from the airport to our hotel, we saw crowds of young people walking along the streets of the city moving towards downtown.  There were honks from passersby, in support of the “Seven days of Rage,” which was planned to protest what many called an unjust tax bill.  Arriving safely to our rooms, Geoffin explained some of the concerns that were…

Nairobi, Kenya

Arrived in Nairobi at 4:30 am EST, (11:30 am EAT, Eastern Africa Time). After some lunch we arrived at the Weston Hotel, for some rest. Tomorrow we fly out to Magori County early. (Bridgeport time 11 pm tonight).
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