Announcements (Page 3)

Announcements (Page 3)

Evangelism Explosion

“Family EE” started at our church and now churches all over the world are invited to start classes for ages 8-88. Check out “Church Spotlight” under The next training is May 8 from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM with ZOOM, taught by Beth Workman. This basic training is “Hope For Kids”. Cost is $25.00. If you register through our church, EE funds will pay. Otherwise, register at

The Post-Quarantine Church – 2/14/2021

This is our final chapter before heading into a book study of one of our books of the Bible. Tonight, we’ll do the last chapter of The Post-Quarantine Church. The topic is making changes that last. I’m looking forward to praying with you all about the lasting changes we’ll make and discussing what the Lord may do through those hopes and changes. Here’s the ZOOM link! Topic: The Post-Quarantine ChurchTime: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Join Zoom Meeting…

Children’s Church Online – 2/14/2021

Today, we learn about Daniel’s scary dream in Daniel chapter 7! What does this dream teach us about the kings and kingdoms of the earth? What does God do with them? What will He one day do with His own kingdom? Watch the video; share it with a friend; and get ready to tune in next week to CCO – Children’s Church Online!

Children’s Church Online – 2/7/2021

Daniel survived the lion’s den for one reason. Obedience! His obedience to God allowed him to be a witness to an entire kingdom that didn’t honor his God. Jesus can use us the same way today! Click below and tune in to Children’s Church Online!

The Post Quarantine Church – 1/31/2021

Below is tonight’s ZOOM meeting link! The topic – Rethink Your Facilities for Emerging Opportunities. I’m excited for us to think about what needs we can meet or partnerships we can make. It will be good to hear various perspectives and pray for revelation about who we can serve. Please, be sure to share this with someone else! This is a study discussion anyone can jump into anytime. Blessings and catch you at 6:00! Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 213…

Children’s Church 1/31/21

Parents and kids, click on the video below and make your way to YouTube for today’s message about Daniel interpreting Nebuchadneezar’s scary dream!

1Corinthians 13 – Love never ends!

Join us on ZOOM! Love is the defining characteristic of followers of Christ. It unites us, encourages us, and supports our growth more than any other gift! Blessings and hope to see you all on ZOOM at 6:30 PM! Topic: 1 CorinthiansTime: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 896 2131 6409Passcode: 1CORJESUS

The Post Quarantine Church – 1/24/2021

We are studying the 4th section of the book tonight. Can’t wait to meet with you all! “Take Prayer to a Powerful New Level” Here’s the ZOOM link: Topic: The Post-Quarantine ChurchTime: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 213 702 7509

Children’s Church Online – 1/24/2021

Today, we visit Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the book of Daniel. (Chapter 3) What will they do when threatened with the possibility of being thrown into a fiery furnace for worshipping a false god? Will they worship the false god anyway? Or face the consequences and worship the one, true God? Click here and find out! Remember to share the link above with family and friends whose kids may not be meeting face-to-face for worship today. We all need…

The Post Quarantine Church – 1/17/2021

Tonight we’re talking about our immediate community. The COVID19 Pandemic has caused many congregations to re-focus and remember why they were planted in the neighborhoods where they exist. SCBC has existed for 250 years as of 2020! So, what are the areas of community ministry SCBC is currently investing in? And what are some areas of ministry that have become more evident because of the COVID19 Pandemic? Christ has called us to reach the deepest needs of our community. Jesus…

Children’s Church Online – 1/17/2021

Parents, I know it’s been a challenge during quarantine for kids not to get super tired of each other or of us. Sometimes it’s tough serving the people you’re with the most! But that’s exactly what Jesus did! He served his disciples when they were most rude to Him. He asks us to do the same! Enjoy 15 minutes with your kids. Open up your Bible to Exodus 12:1-14 and Luke 22:14-19;23-27. Learn with your kids how Jesus served His…

1 Corinthians Bible Study

Hey, if you’re looking for a study time where we open the scriptures and discuss how the content of the letter changes the content that makes up our daily lives – you should join us for a session. Tonight, we study 1 Corinthians chapter 11. Should we wear head coverings? Why was Paul so disappointed with the Corinthian church’s conduct over communion? We’ll talk about this and make applications from them tonight . Click on the link below! See you…