A Busy Week

A Busy Week

Sorry for not posting more frequently. Our second day here, we lost power and Internet for about 24 hours. Internet is only available at the hotel, which we have left before 7 am every morning except yesterday. And with the revival services we returned very late. Last night we arrived at the hotel at midnight.

The morning after our arrival we went on a safari. An exciting time!

The next day, we visited the church plant in Nyalganda and had services there. In the afternoon we had open-air event in Maneyera and revival in Moganga.

Saturday, we were up early and spent the day training over a dozen pastors from the area. After, the pastor training it was off to the Moganga market for an open-air evangelism event in early evening. After dark we returned to Moganga church for revival. By the time services ended many children were asleep, as we were nearing midnight.

Sunday morning started at a more relaxed pace with a little later start. We began with church services at MCF, which ran into mid afternoon when we broke for “lunch.”. After lunch it was back to the motel to baptize seven in the pool near suppertime. After a late supper we returned to the church for our final revival service. Again we were close to midnight when we finished. Three came for prayer.

Today has been more relaxed. We began by meeting with about 30 widows, and provide each with soap, sugar, salt, and oil to last them for about two months.